Thursday, 18 August 2011


There are an impressive amount of things that irk me all the time, frankly there are probably only 3 things that don't irk me ever. In the top 5 of my list there is a group of seemingly ordinary people. Los Smellitoes. I really don't like them. Not many people do, and I don't mind if there are smellitoes far away from me. FAR, far away. But it is those who insist on taking public transport and sharing their smellitoastiness with other people. Its not exotic. We dont want to know specifically what brand of whiskey you were drinking 10 minutes ago or that clothes can survive under the pressure of uber smellimoasity over a period of 10 years. I demand there be smellito-meters placed at the entrance of every bus. In the meantime, whilst I wait for the public transport folk to develop this system, please please please: if you smell worse than a dead pig stuck in a fence then today is a good day for walking or bathing.

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